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beware of conedison utility truck! this is regarding an accident with a conedison utility truck on union turnpike in queens.

7.45am this coned truck was driving in front of me in a corner lane ( lane next to the side walk) i wasn't tailgating. it was a week day rush hour and very heavy traffic. all vehicles stop for the red light, the light turn green and all vehicles was moving except this truck. no alert lights , so i thought must be something infont of this truck.

i waited a little then try to change lane to pass this truck and then, this truck driver decided to put on his flashing indicators. and this causes a heavy traffic jam. vehicles were hunking like crazy. if this truck had a signal just before it stop or at the moment he stop, i would not have gotten into an accident.

no alert or signal that this truck was going remain on the road. very unconcerned and disrespectful for the community and other drivers.

this absolutely shows no proper training for their truck driver. i was injured and my new car was damaged.

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So how did your car become damaged ? You told us nothing of the actual collision.

Who hit you or who did you hit ? If you pulled some knee jerk reaction to the stopped truck and hit either it or another vehicle as you attempted to pass around the truck, it is your fault.

"Failure to maintain an assured clear distance" ACD. If I'm wrong, please clarify.

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